Pre-Retirement Awareness

Length 2-3 hours / or include Origen Financial Services' presentation - one day

The pre-retirement member engagement sessions provide members with information to aid their retirement decisions and manage their expectations in respect of the retirement process.

Who should attend?

These seminars are tailored for members who are within five to ten years of retirement age / intended retirement.

Course content

  • What happens to a pension when members decide to draw it
  • Forms and communications received on drawing benefits
  • Benefits explained and what will appear on pension savings statements
  • Different types of retirement including Actuarially Reduced Retirement, partial retirement and re-employment 
  • Topping up benefits on leaving
  • Family benefits

MyCSP also partners with Origen Financial Services who offer presentations on subjects such as will writing, tax and financial planning. These presentations can be added to the pre-retirement sessions to make it a full day’s course.

Benefits from attending the course

Members attending these seminars will be more informed in respect of their retirement and the options available to them. They will also be able to estimate their pension benefits which will enable them to make informed decisions regarding their financial position when they retire.

Upcoming Courses

Course title Location Duration Date(s)
Pre-Retirement Awareness Liverpool 3 hours 15 Jan 2018 Book
Pre-Retirement Awareness Birmingham 3 hours 17 Jan 2018 Book
Pre-Retirement Awareness Edinburgh 3 hours 17 Jan 2018 Book
Pre-Retirement Awareness London 3 hours 22 Jan 2018 Book