Life is a journey and like a download from your favourite artist, it contains a melody which becomes the soundtrack to your life.  As we pass through our many life stages, the track listing can change with new entries, floor fillers and the odd tearjerker thrown in.

Pensions are no different (seriously) – there are points in our life where we need to be in tune with our rights and responsibilities and at other points, we need to sing our own song.

To demystify the minefield that can be the heady world of pensions (and to sing from the same song sheet), give us a call on 01903 835717.

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Training@MyCSP is an established team of pension professionals with expertise in all aspects of pension administration, process design and project management, built on a wide range of experience across public and private sector schemes.

We help employers to understand and meet their pension scheme obligations through training, consultancy and support. We provide information and engagement sessions for members covering a wide range of subjects from pension scheme overviews, understanding and calculating pension benefits and the options at retirement. We understand the world of pensions can be complicated; we make it simple for trustees, scheme managers, employers and members alike. We measure our success by our clients’ satisfaction and we’ve been delighted to receive positive testimony from employers and members.