Partial Retirement

How long does it last?

Three hours

Who's it for?

Members who are considering partial retirement and part time working.

What's it about?

Are you interested in changing your work life balance and taking partial retirement? Our Partial Retirement course explains the things you need to know if partial retirement is an attractive option for you.

What will I learn about?

  • You'll learn what partial retirement is
  • You'll learn how to calculate your pension benefits
  • You'll learn what criteria you need to meet
  • You'll learn about abatement
  • You'll learn how the partial retirement process works
  • You'll learn what impact will it have on your final pension
  • You'll learn what happens after partial retirement

How will it benefit me?

  • be more informed about the options available on taking partial retirement
  • be able to estimate your pension benefits so that you can make informed decisions regarding your financial position when you retire

*Please note that these sessions are delivered by webinar, and we are aware that members who work for the HMRC, Ministry of Defence, Home Office and Ministry of Justice are unable to access the webinar platform. If you are employed by one of these departments and would like to attend a course, you will need to do so by logging on via your personal smartphone, tablet or laptop/PC.

Upcoming Courses

Course title Location Duration Date(s)
Webinar: Partial Retirement Webinar Three hours 24 Mar 2020 Book