Pension Power Member Engagement session

Knowledge is power and when you understand your pension, you can make better and more informed choices.



How long does it last?

One hour

Who's it for?

The Pension Power course is designed for existing Civil Service Pension Scheme members and anyone eligible to join the scheme.

What's it about?

These sessions have been funded by the Cabinet Office and will give you a high-level overview of the various pension schemes and benefits provided.

The sessions are delivered either as a webinar or face-to-face at your place of work, depending on demand. For 30 delegates, the course can be delivered face-to-face at your place of work, and for fewer than 30 delegates – or when a face-to-face session is not convenient – a webinar can be provided, accommodating up to 40 delegates.

What will I learn about?

  • Are you pension savvy?
  • The benefits of the Civil Service Pension Scheme
  • How we calculate your pension  
  • Topping up your pension
  • Retirement options
  • What scheme you’re in
  • How your annual pension is calculated
  • How you can make your pension bigger
  • What family benefits are available?

How will it benefit me?

Attendees will:

  • Be able to identify what scheme you are a member of
  • You’ll understand how your annual pension and lump sum will be calculated
  • Be aware of the various retirement options
  • You’ll understand the options available to you for boosting your pension
  • You’ll be clear which benefits are payable to your dependants

*Please note that these sessions are delivered by webinar, and we are aware that members who work for the HMRC, Ministry of Defence, Home Office and Ministry of Justice are unable to access the webinar platform. If you are employed by one of these departments and would like to attend a course, you will need to do so by logging on via your personal smartphone, tablet or laptop/PC.

Member feedback

"Excellent presentation. Lots of info presented in a friendly informative and witty manner. Thanks."

"Clear, friendly, open to questions and explains items well."

"Articulate and engaging. Points made simply without waffle."

"Brilliant. The most enjoyable and informative presentation I could have hoped for."

"Great Presentation - well paced and knowledgeable."

"Very informative.  I now understand the benefits of looking at my pension early on and the incentive to save for an early retirement!  All schemes were explained in incredible detail."

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