Member training courses (such as Pre-Retirement)

When you retire, what lifestyle will you be able to afford? We can help you plan for the trip of a lifetime. Fasten your seat belt and prepare for take off!

Member sessions are designed to inform and guide members in their Civil Service Pension Scheme and other benefits. These sessions can be run directly at an employer premises or to book on an open course as an individual delegate, please select the course you require below.

If you would like more information, or to request training by webinar or at a different location or date more convenient to yourself, then please contact us at and we will respond at the earliest opportunity.


Annual Benefit Statements Explained

This course is designed for members who need guidance on their Statement and how their scheme benefits are calculated.

Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS) – Your Journey

The CSCS course is designed for all members who are, or potentially affected by, an employer exit scheme. The course explains the details of the scheme and the options available, including how to claim benefits, so that members can make fully informed choices.

Midlife MOT

Midlife MOT is for Pension scheme members in the middle of their working life that would like to understand how the decisions they make now can affect their pension. It informs scheme members how key life events could impact their retirement income. The session covers the impact of different working patterns, parental leave, career breaks, part time hours and promotions. It also details the various options available to purchase additional benefits to help your pension fit your retirement plans.

Partial Retirement

This course is for scheme members interested in changing their work life balance and taking partial retirement. Our Partial Retirement course explains the things you need to know if partial retirement is an attractive option for you. This course is suitable for members who are considering partial retirement and part time working.

Pension Power Member Engagement session

This course is designed for the benefit of existing Civil Service Pension Scheme members and anyone eligible to join the scheme. These sessions will give you a high-level overview of the various pension schemes and benefits provided.

Pension Tax 121s

This one-to-one consultation focuses on individual pension circumstances and is designed to inform members about the options available to them when dealing with pensions and tax. The session is delivered by a pensions consultant from KPMG.

Pension Tax Awareness

This course is designed for members who have received a Pension Saving Statement. The session is run by a financial consultant and will give members all the information they need around tax.

Pre Retirement

This course is designed for members within 10 years of retirement who want to understand how their pension will be calculated, the process they will go through and how to make their pension suit their retirement plans. The pre-retirement sessions provide members with information that will help their retirement decisions and manage their expectations for the retirement process.