Pension Power Member Engagement session

New dates will be added 1 July

Length 1 hour

Knowledge is power and when you understand your pension, you can make better and more informed choices.



These sessions have been funded by the Cabinet Office so that you and your colleagues can reap the benefits of being more pension savvy. 

Our Pension Power sessions will last an hour and will cover key information, including:

  • What scheme you’re in
  • How your annual pension is calculated
  • How you can make your pension bigger
  • What family benefits are available?

Throughout the session we will also point you in the direction of lots of helpful material.

Our open webinars are made available on this page at the beginning of each month. The webinars fill up very quickly so make sure to book early to avoid disappointment!

Member feedback

"Excellent presentation. Lots of info presented in a friendly informative and witty manner. Thanks."

"Clear, friendly, open to questions and explains items well."

"Articulate and engaging. Points made simply without waffle."

"Brilliant. The most enjoyable and informative presentation I could have hoped for."

"Great Presentation - well paced and knowledgeable."

"Very informative.  I now understand the benefits of looking at my pension early on and the incentive to save for an early retirement!  All schemes were explained in incredible detail."

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