CSCS – your journey through the process

Length 2-3 hours

These days, the idea of a job for life is no longer a given. Whilst many people actively choose to change jobs, for some it’s brought about because of circumstances beyond their control. If this is the case for you, as well as dealing with your personal reactions to the situation, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling as though you’re trying to find your way through thick fog. Over the course of two to three hours we can help to lift that fog.

During sessions, as well as answering any questions you may have, we discuss:

  • scheme benefits
  • pension benefit statement information
  • CSCS benefits and the process of early exits (voluntary exit; voluntary redundancy; and compulsory redundancy)
  • what you can do with your pension on leaving?
  • topping up benefits on leaving
  • fringe benefits, for example dependant’s benefits

Meaning that by the time you leave you’ll:

  • be more informed about the options available
  • be able to estimate your pension benefits
  • be able to make informed decisions regarding your financial position
  • understand the process and timescales

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