Data and Interface

Length 5 hours

The Interface Awareness course is designed to provide participants with the information and skills required to update and provide the monthly data interface within the required timescales.

Who should attend?

Ideally suited for staff new to pension administration, particularly Human Resources, payroll and any other staff member who is likely to play a role in providing the monthly interface data to MyCSP. This course is also suitable for Fair Deal employers.

Course content

  • What is data; why is it important; whose responsibility is it?
  • What data items are required and why; what do MyCSP need the data for and when do they need it
  • The format of the interface and data items
    • mandatory and optional fields?
  • What the process is for sending the data
  • Common issues encountered by employers

Benefits from attending the course

Attendees will:

  • Understand the importance of accurate data for pension scheme members
  • Understand the timescales for data provision
  • Understand and follow the procedures for submitting data
  • Be familiar with common errors and issues – what to avoid!

Upcoming Courses

Course title Location Duration Date(s)
Data and Interface Liverpool 10am Start - 5 hours 17 Sep 2019 Book