Length 3 hours

Are you within ten years of wanting to change your work-life balance, either by reducing your hours, or by leaving work behind altogether? If so, your regular income from the work you’re doing now will either be reducing or stopping altogether, and you’ll be looking to your pension to partially or fully fund your future years. This is where we come in! Over the course of three hours, you’ll find out what your pension will be able to provide for you and when, as well as whether there’s anything more you can be doing between now and when you intend to make your lifestyle change. That way, you can decide the right plan of action for you.

There’ll be plenty of opportunity to ask your questions along the way as together we explore:

  • what happens to a pension when members decide to draw it
  • forms and communications you’ll receive about drawing benefits
  • benefits and what will appear on your pension savings statements
  • different types of retirement - including Actuarially Reduced Retirement, Partial Retirement and Re-Employment
  • topping up benefits on leaving
  • family benefits

Meaning that by the time you leave you’ll:

  • be more informed about retirement and the options available to you
  • be able to estimate your pension benefits so that you can make informed decisions regarding your financial position when you retire.


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