Midlife MOT #nevertooearly

Length 3 hours

Life can be hectic, and we can get so caught up in ‘doing the do’, that we have very little time to stand back and take stock. Taking charge of what your later life will look like needs thinking about a lot sooner than you might think. In terms of decision-making, it’s no different than other areas of your life such as finding somewhere to live or going on holiday. Just imagine what would happen if you left these to chance? They’d either never happen, or you’d end up living in a place or visiting a destination that weren’t what you’d have chosen. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to be living the dream and not the nightmare when you choose to change your work-life balance, come along for what promises to be three hours you’ll never regret.

We’ll spend time looking at:

  • how the Civil Service Pension Scheme works
  • key factors which affect how your pension builds up
  • contributions payable
  • benefits upon leaving
  • the Partnership pension scheme
  • family benefits
  • boosting benefits

Which means you’ll leave with an understanding of:

  • the benefits available within the scheme
  • the values of the pension scheme and the total benefits

and be able to:

  • calculate your pension benefits
  • understand your benefit statements
  • make informed career choices such as promotion and career paths whilst considering the impact on your pension

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