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Three and a half hours or two hours by webinar.



This session is designed for those members who are within 10 years of retirement and who want to understand more about their pension, their options and the retirement process itself.

As well as the detailed workbook you’ll receive before the session, there’s a pension jargon buster, 10 point check list and follow up exercises to help you prepare for retirement.

During the session we’ll be looking at:

  • How your pension is calculated
  • Your lump sum options
  • Your retirement options – including early retirement and partial retirement
  • Benefits for your family
  • How to ensure your wellbeing in retirement
  • Preparing for a change in your lifestyle

Which means you’ll leave with an understanding of:

  • The options available to you on retirement
  • The retirement process and its timescales
  • How to take control of your future and the steps you need to take to get there

And be able to:

  • Effectively plan for the retirement you’d like to have
  • Take control of your wellbeing in retirement

To book a place on an open course, see the available dates below. If you would like to arrange a group booking for up to 30 delegates please complete the group booking request form.

If you need to raise a purchase order (PO), please follow your normal departmental procedure, quote MyCSP as the provider and specify the cost. You’ll need the PO number to finalise your booking.

Delegate feedback

“Really clear explanations with examples of different scenarios”

“Very well informed. So much complex information presented well”

“Wide variety and information to kick start my plans and practical steps to consider”

“Really clear overview - I feel I understand it all much better now”

“Although not planning to retire for the next 4-5 years, really useful to start thinking and planning now”

“Comfortable and relaxed yet full of all the information I needed. Extremely useful.”

Upcoming Courses

Course title Location Duration Date(s)
Pre-Retirement Webinar 2 hours - 10:00 3 Nov 2020
Pre-Retirement Webinar 2 hours - 13:00 12 Nov 2020 Book
Pre-Retirement Webinar 2 hours - 13:00 17 Nov 2020 Book
Pre-Retirement Webinar 2 hours - 10:00 25 Nov 2020 Book