Pension Health Check

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Three hours or two hours by webinar.



When you retire, what lifestyle will you be able to afford? Your retirement might seem unimportant and far away….but how can you plan if you don’t think about it?

By attending our Pension Health Check you’ll gain a better understanding of your pension benefits and the choices you have to shape the retirement that you’d like.

During the session we’ll be looking at:

  • How the Civil Service Pension Scheme works
  • Contributions payable
  • Benefits on leaving
  • The Partnership pension scheme
  • Family benefits
  • Boosting benefits

Which means you’ll leave with an understanding of:

  • The benefits available within the scheme
  • The value of the pension scheme and total benefits

And be able to:

  • Calculate your pension benefits
  • Plan effectively for your retirement

Delegate feedback

“Extremely useful, clear and informative. Brilliant facilitator”.

“Such a clear explanation of such a complex subject”.

“Very useful course - good level of detail and presenter answered questions very well!”

“Delivered in an easy to understand way, lots of information but not overwhelming”.

“Lots of food for thought on how to retire early!”

“Best pension course ever!”

Upcoming Courses

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Pension Health Check Webinar 2 hours - 14:00 18 Aug 2020 Book
Pension Health Check Webinar 2 hours - 14:00 25 Aug 2020 Book