Midlife MOT

Come fly with me...on your 25 year holiday

How long does it last?

Three hours

Who's it for?

Pension scheme members in the middle of their working life that would like to understand how the decisions they make now can affect their pension.

What’s it about?

This course informs scheme members how key life events could impact their retirement income.

The session covers the impact of different working patterns, parental leave, career breaks, part time hours and promotions. It also details the various options available to purchase additional benefits to help your pension fit your retirement plans.

What will I learn about?

  • You’ll learn about how the Civil Service Pension Scheme (CSPS) works
  • You’ll learn about key factors affecting how your pension builds up
  • You’ll learn about how changes to employment can impact your pension
  • You’ll learn about contributions payable
  • You’ll learn about the benefits available to you when you leave
  • You’ll learn about the Partnership pension scheme
  • You’ll learn about family benefits
  • You’ll learn about how to boost benefits

How will it benefit me?

  •  You’ll be fully aware of all the benefits available within the scheme
  • You’ll know the values of the pension scheme and total benefits
  • You’ll understand how to calculate your pension benefits
  • You’ll understand your benefit statements
  • You’ll be able to make informed career choices while considering the impact on your pension
  • You'll know how to make your pension work harder for you and your retirement plans

To book a place on an open course, see the available dates below. If you would like to arrange a group booking for up to 30 delegates please complete the group booking request form.

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