Day 1 – Introduction

Know the basics

Day 1 of our employer course is designed to give you a detailed overview of the Civil Service Pension Schemes (CSPS). You’ll look at how the scheme is funded, how the benefits are calculated, the various top up and retirement options available to members and where your involvement fits into the running of the schemes. This course is the perfect place to start to lay the foundations of your pension scheme knowledge.


1 day (5 hours)



Who's it for?

‘Introduction – Know the basics’ is suitable for employees who have any involvement with the Civil Service Pension Scheme (CSPS)as part of their professional role, whether they are in HR, payroll, finance or recruitment.

What's it about?

This one day course will give you a good overall understanding of how the CSPS works, the options available to members, how to communicate the benefits to employees and your responsibilities as an employer.

What will I learn about?

  • An explanation of pension terminology
  • The structure and funding of the Civil Service Pension Scheme (CSPS)
  • The different schemes offered and respective calculations
  • The various top up options available to members
  • New entrant and re-joiner criteria
  • Options available upon leaving the pension scheme
  • An overview of the retirement options available
  • An understanding of the different sections of an Annual Benefit Statement
  • Your responsibilities as an employer in relation to all of the above

How will it benefit me?                                                                                               

  • You will gain a good grounding in the Civil Service Pension Schemes, its terminology, the various schemes offered within it, as well as its rules and options.
  • You’ll understand how your role fits into the running of the CSPS and why it’s important.
  • You’ll be able to answer basic pension-scheme queries from both new and existing employees.
  • You’ll have the knowledge required to promote the CSPS to your employees as a valuable employee benefit.

Delegate feedback

“It has been 4 years since I did pensions training and this is just what the team needed”

“The course was very helpful, what seemed to be a boring topic was presented very well and was very interesting.”

Upcoming Courses

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Day 1 – Introduction – Know the basics Webinar 5.5 hours - 10:00 20 Jan 2022 Book