Our Values, Vision and Mission

Take ownership: We take ownership of our customers' issues and individual responsibility for our contribution to the success of our company. We are 'proactive' and don't 'walk on by'. Improving on performance over the year.
Transferring operations from Her Majesty's Government sites and incorporating modern business premises and IT infrastructure.
Implementation of MyWork and Compendia in our operations with the successfully migration of 5.5 million files with no loss of service.
Hard wiring our mutual structure through our Employee Partnership Council's activities.
Participating in decision making and contributing to the MyIdeas scheme.

Make it simple: We make everything as simple as we can - simple for our customers and ourselves.
Launched our Business Excellence programme – working towards quality, security and business continuity standards.
Streamlining our organisation for efficiency.
Opened our modern Enquiry Centre and achieved answer rates between 97.7% and 99.5% in our first few weeks.
Launched new products and services including our very popular training service.

Fly in formation: We focus on our shared objectives, supporting each other to deliver value to our customers and our company, trust each other and share our knowledge and experience.
Building a Customer Relationship Management function to support clients.
Hosted, sponsored and attended events such as Employers' Forum, Civil Service Live and CIPFA seminars to engage with our stakeholders.
Established a Corporate Social Responsibility programme – nominated ChildLine as our charity partner and donated employee's time to support charity and community groups.
Working in partnership with our private sector partner Equiniti and our Civil Service customers.
Taken on and on-boarded 47 new clients.

Have fun: We are professional in all we do, providing an enjoyable experience for our customers and ourselves. We work hard and play hard.
Celebrated the opening of MyInnovation Centre in Liverpool.
Investing in our people, ensuring that our people are rewarded fairly and our company is 'nimble'.
Raising funds for charity.
Launched our modern, fun and refreshed brand.